Our Story

As a long time cheerleading coach, our founder Shana Melcher, ran into a bind when one of her teams needed bows fast!


SO... Simply Unique Bows was born - and formally launched in the winter of 2012. 


Since then, our company has received rave reviews and has continued to spread the love for bows across the US. We specialize in UNIQUE one-of-a-kind designs to help enhance your overall cheer look. We guarantee a high quality product on all orders -- team orders have a max 3-week turn around time. 


Shana is still an active coach which helps to keep up to date on the latest trends and desires of competitive cheer teams. 


Simply Unique Bows began by traveling just to local competitions in Massachusetts, but the response to our quality product was overwhelming and we now travel across the US to large high school and all-star competitions and showcases. We pride ourselves on our over the top, inviting,

yet professional display!



Do you host a competition? Contact us -- info@simplyuniquebows.com